Mention hospital careers and most people think of nursing, pharmacy, imaging or other clinical positions. The fact is many of our Caregivers are non-clinical, yet are every bit as critical to Sparrow’s mission of Patient care. Accounting. Human Resources. Plant Operations. Dietary. Environmental Services. Information Technology. Marketing. Patient Access. Clerical. Security. Administration. Materials Management. If you specialize in one of these areas, or others like them, you make our clinical work possible.

You are the heart of Sparrow.

As part of the Sparrow team, your contributions provide the support that helps assure the continuation of our long tradition of quality care. You are needed here. You are wanted here. And you’ll be respected here.

Whatever your skill area, chances are there’s a need for you here at Sparrow.

Why You Belong Here

We appreciate the talents you bring, and provide you with meaningful work.

Sparrow respects the unique skills you have – things like maintaining an HVAC system, making a tile floor shine, assisting families with their bills or preparing a nourishing meal. We respect the skill it takes to keep complex information systems functioning, or keep an office environment running smoothly.

And every day you come to work, you’ll know that you are making a great contribution to your community. Working in health care provides benefits to society – your friends, neighbors, family and total strangers – that few other organizations can match.

We value our support team.

We demonstrate our commitment to you in many ways. Our benefits package meets your needs in many ways, including:

Taking care of you and your family.

As Sparrow strives to be an employer of choice, we believe in offering Caregivers a highly competitive benefits package. Our comprehensive benefits are designed to be economical and support your home and work life balance. These benefits include coverage for medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance and flexible spending accounts. Sparrow also offers tuition reimbursement, reduced daycare prices, access to fitness centers and a generous time off package. These benefits are available to most Sparrow Caregivers, but availability and cost will vary based on the Caregivers hours, position and/or work location.

Helping you save on health care.

Our FlexCare Program helps you pay for out-of-pocket health care costs (as well as child care costs) with pre-tax dollars, which can save you hundreds of dollars annually. When you use Sparrow for outpatient or inpatient services, you’re eligible for a 25 percent medical discount on any charges not covered by insurance. Similar discounts are available with our pharmacy discount. Two more benefits, Associate Health Services (care and screenings) and CARES confidential counseling, are provided at no cost to you.

Making your life a bit easier.

Ease your mind with discounted, on-site child care and day care, including after school and snow day care. Recharge your batteries with paid time off that grows the longer you’re with us. In addition, you receive six paid holidays per year. Interested in expanding your education? Sparrow covers up to 100 percent tuition reimbursement for eligible coursework, up to ten credits per semester or term.

Planning for your future.

Sparrow will match 50 percent on the first six percent of pay you contribute toward your 401(k) retirement savings.

Diverse employment opportunities.

After you’ve worked at Sparrow for awhile, you may discover other careers that appeal to you. So many opportunities are available within Sparrow, it’s like a city within a city. You can change jobs without giving up the benefits you’ve come to enjoy. And isn’t it nice to have options?

PLEASE BE AWARE OF FRAUD. Sparrow Health System will never request payments for interviews or at any point during the interview process. If you have questions about a specific communications request please contact us For additional information regarding job scams, you can visit the FTC website at